KHOA Cues - Your professional cues

Made from the finest woods, meticulously crafted to the slightest of details.

We specialize in producing cues and providing the best warranty service and sales policy for snooker players.

Currently, we apply the world’s newest cue manufacturing technology. Crucial manufacturing processes that determine the cues’ straightness and its dimensions are automatically performed on the CNC machine:

- The cue shaft and the cue butt are completely and automatically lathed from the CNC machine, resulting in an extremely straight cue. The result can be observed while rolling the cue on a glass surface: not even the slightest sign of curvature can be found.

- KHOA Cues’ libre cue line is one-of-a-kind. It is the first in the world with such improved wooden joints, bringing more convenience and durability to the product. With an unique two-piece design, the libre line can be assembled and disassembled in under 5 spins. A thicker circular pitch makes the joints more durable, with smoother surface. [Click here for more]

- KHOA Cues is applying modern equipments and tools to test product quality. Products that perform the best will be treated as sample data for future evaluation and improvement.

More than 25 years of experience on cue manufacturing and more than 35 years of experience in wood-making provided us with the know-how to make the best cues. Rare kinds of wood are used including Rose-wood, Techicai Sitan, Santai wood etc with unique patterns, bringing a natural beauty to the product.

We always pay attention to create the perfect balance point and a solid core for the cue, helping players get the most comfortable grip of the product.

Most snooker players highly recommend KHOA Cues. This is the driving force behind our innovation efforts and technological advancements in producing high-quality cues, with aims to complete automation in manufacturing.

At KHOA Cues, TRUST and QUALITY are 100% guranteed. This is our most valued business philosophy, which is applied everyday in trading with our customers and partners.

To benefit snooker players through providing high-quality cues

Producing high-quality cues. Providing the best service

To become the leading brand in cue-manufacturing that is trusted to create the best products

To ensure and elevate snooker players’ performance. To popularize billiard cues country-wide and to promote billiards as a sport in our country

Please provide us with feedbacks to improve our cue-manufacturing to meet international standards. Customers can send feedbacks through all of our contacts shown on this site.

Our sincere thanks!