- KHOA Cues’ shafts are produced with the the most advanced technology. The shafts are lathed and formed straight multiple times with fully automated technology of the CNC machine.

- The shafts are made with authentic Canadian hard maple, proof of origin available. The wood is dried again and again for a long time with special methods.

- A qualified libre cue shaft weights about 110g - 120g, which meets the standard of world class cue-manufacturers.

- The cue shaft is machine-tested for durability. We completely exclude unreliable cues from our shelves.

- The cue shafts are carefully screened through many steps to retain only the highest quality products.

Specifications of  KHOA Cues’ shafts:


The high-quality laminated shaft produced by KHOA Cues was measured correctly to ensure stable mechanical properties and improve discharge:

- The laminated shaft drastically reduces the performance inconsistencies caused by natural wood that could crook the shaft. The curved and crooked slices are completely removed.

- The wood slices are screened for quality and calculated to be sliced together as precisely as can be to ensure stable mechanical properties of the shaft.

- The wood slices are cut automatically on the CNC machine, accurately creating  the 36-degree-slice (shaft 10) and the 18-degree-slice (shaft 20). The cross sections are smooth even from the very first cut.

- 100% of wood slices are Canadian hard maple.

- KHOA Cues produces 10-slice shaft (12-month warranty) and 20-slice shaft (18-month warranty).


KHOA Cues officially announces our “Dual fiber core” with enforcing technology developed and tested by KHOA Cues. With features:

- Produces more force with larger initial acceleration.

- Increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and virtually eliminates inconsistencies.

Especially, when tested in pool billiards, the first shot was handled swiftly and boldly by the 20-slice shaft.

The dual fiber core shaft could be best utilized in pool billiards and three-cushion billiards.