Wooden joints for libre cues 

The joints are catered for the newest generation of libre cues at KHOA Cues and are the first introduced in the world with remarkable improvements in durability and assembling time:

- The male and female connector were cut automatically on the CNC machine, ensuring high precision and stability for the libre cues.

- Thicker circular pitch helps create more durable joints, withstanding assembling and disassembling for multiple of times without a dent.

- The joints are coated with a special layer of coating and smoothed at high speed to be better-protected.

- An unique feature is the two-layer pitch, with a smaller and bigger layer, which helps with quick assembling that previously could only be attained in metal joints. In less than 5 spins, the joints are seperated. However, the joints are ensured with more than 9 threaded spins thanks to the unique two-layer design.

Image of Wooden joint

Video of Wooden joint

Stainless steel joints for 3-cushion billiards and pool billiards

The inox joints are used for 3-cushion billiards and pool billiards. KHOA Cues’ stainless steel joints feature:

- Quick assembling in 3 spins.

- The joints are manufactured meticulously with polished exterior.

- Made from high-quality stainless steel.

Image of Stainless steel joints